Mark Notarize: A simple notarization DApp based on truffle framework

Mark Feng
2 min readMay 6, 2018


image from Seats2meet Magazine


This is a introduction to my very recent project ‘Mark Notarize’, which is a very simple notarization DApp based on Truffle ( framework.

It’s open sourced with github link:, and you can visit it directly through:

You can check a demo gif below:

demo for release v0.1

With Mark-Notarize, you can create a document with content for notarization, and it contains two blockchain addresses. Only account with the contained address can sign the document. After both sides have signed the document, it would be considered as ‘finished’, and can never be changed again. All documents are preserved on the blockchain network, for now I’m using Rinkeby test network.

It’s open sourced, and you can visit it directly through: However there are some pre-requirements to visit the website:

Mark Notarize is in a very early stage of development and will be updated later. Please check roadmap/plan: Again, it’s completely open source, please feel free to contribute/give issues if you have any interest. Thank you!